Simplified guide of MCQs for Exams, Interviews

Sub Topic: World Records

1 .  Which of the highest Mountain pass of the world?

  • A. Bodpola
  • B. Nammi Pass
  • C. Badusar Pass
  • D. None of these

Correct Answer:


2 .  Which is the largest island of the world

  • A. New Guines
  • B. Green land
  • C. Borneo
  • D. Modogascar

Correct Answer:

Green land

3 .  Who is Pakistan Cyber Genius Kid a 12-year old student hailing from Dera Ismail Khan to make a fourth World record in the field of computer?

  • A. Irtiza haider
  • B. Saleem Afzal
  • C. Babar Iqbal
  • D. Nazir Hussain
  • E. Atif Razzaq

Correct Answer:

Babar Iqbal

4 .  Name of the person who reached South Pole in 1911

  • A. Major Aziz Bhatti
  • B. Mohammad Sarwar
  • C. Sarwar Hussain
  • D. Major Tufail Ahmad

Correct Answer:

Mohammad Sarwar

5 .  Who is the first man to sail round the world?

  • A. Ferdinand Magellan
  • B. John Maynard
  • C. Ernst Schumaher
  • D. Milton Friedman

Correct Answer:

Ferdinand Magellan

6 .  On May 12,2012 which of the following tallest self-supporting tower in the world at 634 meters high was opened to public?

  • A. Tokyo Skytree
  • B. Ostankino Tower
  • C. Canton
  • D. Garbrandy TOwer

Correct Answer:

Tokyo Skytree

7 .  Mt Everest is located in which country?

  • A. Pakistan
  • B. Bhutan
  • C. India
  • D. Nepal

Correct Answer:


8 .  Which is highest mountain peak of the world?

  • A. Mt Everest
  • B. Makalu
  • C. Nanga Parnat

Correct Answer:

Mt Everest

9 .  In which continent mountain range Alps is found?

  • A. Asia
  • B. Europe
  • C. North America
  • D. South America

Correct Answer:


10 .  Name the mountain range found in South America

  • A. Alps
  • B. Andes
  • C. Rockies
  • D. IIIampir

Correct Answer: