Simplified guide of MCQs for Exams, Interviews

Sub Topic: Universe

1 .  Which planet takes the largest time to go once around the Sun?

  • A. Uranus
  • B. Jupiter
  • C. Neptune
  • D. Venus

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2 .  A 'black hole' is a body in space which does not allow any radiation to come out. This property is due to its ___

  • A. Very small size
  • B. Very large size
  • C. Very high density
  • D. Very low density

Correct Answer:

Very high density

3 .  Which of the following planets is called evening star?

  • A. Mars
  • B. Mercury
  • C. Venus
  • D. Jupiter

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4 .  What is the rank of the earth in the solar system in terms of size?

  • A. Third
  • B. Fourth
  • C. Fifth
  • D. Sixth

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5 .  The planet with the shortest rotation time around its axis is

  • A. Mercury
  • B. Jupiter
  • C. Earth
  • D. Pluto

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6 .  The planets are kept in motion in their respective orbits by the ___

  • A. Rotation of the sun on its axis
  • B. Gravitation and centrifugal forces
  • C. Great size and spherical shape
  • D. Rotation and the density of the planets

Correct Answer:

Gravitation and centrifugal forces

7 .  The theory that refers to an explosion about 10 to 15 billion years ago which most astronomers believe to be the origin of the Universe is called

  • A. The Red Shift Theory
  • B. Relativity Theory
  • C. Big Bang Theory
  • D. Titanic Theory

Correct Answer:

Big Bang Theory

8 .  Operation Pathfinder was a mission to

  • A. Sun
  • B. Moon
  • C. Venus
  • D. Mars

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9 .  Black holes are stellar objects which

  • A. Emit black body radiation
  • B. Have weak gravitational field
  • C. Have intense gravitational field
  • D. Have intense magnetic field

Correct Answer:

Have intense gravitational field

10 .  Name two planets lying between the sun and the earth

  • A. Mercury and Mars
  • B. Venus and Mars
  • C. Jupiter and Saturn
  • D. Mercury and Venus

Correct Answer:

Mercury and Venus