Simplified guide of MCQs for Exams, Interviews

Sub Topic: Computer Hardware

1 .  All Operating Systems get their total memory initialized from?

  • A. CPU
  • B. BIOS
  • C. ROM
  • D. RAM

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2 .  How much video RAM is needed to display 1024x768 at 24-bit color?

  • A. 1MB
  • B. 4MB
  • C. 8MB
  • D. 512KB

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3 .  How can you totally protect a PC from damage during an electrical storm?

  • A. Disconnect the AC power cable
  • B. Disconnect all external cables and power cords
  • C. Use a surge protector
  • D. Turn off the AC power

Correct Answer:

Disconnect the AC power cable

4 .  Which device among the following is used to send digital data over a phone line?

  • A. USB
  • B. Scanner
  • C. Printer
  • D. Modem

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5 .  What type of a device is a computer Mouse?

  • A. Output
  • B. Input
  • C. Data
  • D. Storage

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