Simplified guide of MCQs for Exams, Interviews

Sub Topic: Biology

1 .  The word “BIOLOGY” has been derived from_________ word?

  • A. Latin
  • B. English
  • C. Greek
  • D. French

Correct Answer:


2 .  According to modern system of taxonomy, living organisms have been classified into?

  • A. Three Kingdoms
  • B. Five Kingdoms
  • C. Two Kingdoms
  • D. Six Kingdoms

Correct Answer:

Five Kingdoms

3 .  Kingdom Protoctista includes____________?

  • A. Fungi
  • B. Prokaryotes
  • C. protists
  • D. Piantae

Correct Answer:


4 .  Earthworm is included in_____________?

  • A. Kingdom Plantae
  • B. Kingdom Protoctista
  • C. Kingdom Monera
  • D. Kingdom Animalia

Correct Answer:

Kingdom Animalia

5 .  The Study of organisms inhabiting the sea and Ocean and the physical and chemical characteristics of their environment is:

  • A. Social Biology
  • B. Marine Biology
  • C. Environmental Biology
  • D. Fresh Water Biology

Correct Answer:

Marine Biology

6 .  The branch of Biology which deals with the use of data and techniques of engineering & technology concerning living organisms is:

  • A. Human Biology
  • B. Environmental Biology
  • C. Genetics
  • D. Bio-technology

Correct Answer:


7 .  The molecules of living matter that provide building blocks are mostly based on:

  • A. Carbon
  • B. Nitrogen
  • C. Hydrogen
  • D. Ammonia

Correct Answer:


8 .  Human blood is an example of__________?

  • A. Organelle
  • B. Tissues
  • C. Organic compound
  • D. Inorganic compounds

Correct Answer:


9 .  With different chemical arrangements and formation Of complex molecules, the life emerges on the level of the ?

  • A. Cells
  • B. Tissues
  • C. Organs
  • D. Organ System

Correct Answer:


10 .  Organelles are_______________?

  • A. Unicellular structures
  • B. Multi-cellular structures
  • C. Sub-cellular structures
  • D. Non-cellular structures

Correct Answer:

Multi-cellular structures