Simplified guide of MCQs for Exams, Interviews

Topic: English

1 .  Synonym of Abasement

  • A. incurrence
  • B. taxation
  • C. humility
  • D. humiliation

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2 .  Synonym of Abate

  • A. rebate
  • B. lessen
  • C. essence
  • D. obvious

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3 .  Synonym of Abdicate

  • A. to resign
  • B. refuse
  • C. disperse
  • D. turn aside

Correct Answer:

to resign

4 .  To Turn over a new leaf

  • A. To Change Completely ones course of action
  • B. To shift attenion to new problems after having studied the old ones thoroughly
  • C. To cover up ones faults by wearning new marks
  • D. To Change the old Habits and adopt new one

Correct Answer:

To Change the old Habits and adopt new one

5 .  A fair crack of the whip

  • A. Severe Punishment
  • B. A good Check
  • C. A period of importance
  • D. Failure of importance

Correct Answer:

A period of importance

6 .  To talk one's head off

  • A. To talk loudly
  • B. To Talk in whispers
  • C. To talk to oneself
  • D. To talk excrssively

Correct Answer:

To talk excrssively

7 .  To play fast and loose

  • A. To trust others
  • B. To be undependadle
  • C. To cheat people
  • D. To hurt somebody

Correct Answer:

To be undependadle

8 .  To Wrangle over an ass's shadow

  • A. To act in a foolish way
  • B. To quarrel over trifle
  • C. To do something funny

Correct Answer:

To quarrel over trifle

9 .  All Agog

  • A. Everybody
  • B. Restless
  • C. All ready
  • D. Almighty

Correct Answer:


10 .  To frame a person

  • A. To befool someone
  • B. To make one appear guilty
  • C. To praise Someone

Correct Answer:

To make one appear guilty