Simplified guide of MCQs for Exams, Interviews

1 .  Among the SAARC countries, the highest per capital income is of

  • A. India
  • B. Pakistan
  • C. Sri Lanka
  • D. Bangladesh

Correct Answer:

Sri Lanka

2 .  The World's largest island is

  • A. Madagascar
  • B. Sumatra
  • C. New Guinea
  • D. Greenland

Correct Answer:


3 .  The highest literacy rate among the SAARC countries is in

  • A. India
  • B. Maldives
  • C. Sri Lanka
  • D. Pakistan

Correct Answer:


4 .  Pinpoint the world's oldest democratic country

  • A. United States
  • B. Great Britain
  • C. Greece
  • D. France

Correct Answer:


5 .  After U.S.A. which country is the second biggest arms seller in the world?

  • A. Britain
  • B. Russia
  • C. France
  • D. Germany

Correct Answer:


6 .  "Digital Computer" was invented by

  • A. Vannevor Bush
  • B. John Harrison
  • C. M.R Bissel
  • D. Howard Aiken

Correct Answer:

Howard Aiken

7 .  The main cause of earthquakes is

  • A. Sudden cooling and contraction of the earth's surface
  • B. Coming into activity of some dormant volcanoes
  • C. Due to internal heat, sometimes water changes into steam and expands
  • D. All of the Above

Correct Answer:

All of the Above

8 .  "Pedagogy" is a science of

  • A. Bodily diseases
  • B. Stamp collecting
  • C. Languages
  • D. Teaching

Correct Answer:


9 .  According to the recent report of world Health Organization which infectious disease is causing maximum number of casualties in the world?

  • A. Malaria
  • B. Influenza
  • C. AIDS
  • D. Tuberculosis

Correct Answer:


10 .  The study or science of populations is called

  • A. Geography
  • B. Demography
  • C. Plutocracy
  • D. Sociology

Correct Answer: