Simplified guide of MCQs for Exams, Interviews

1 .  “Chew the fat” means __________?

  • A. To action a task; to initiate work
  • B. To become silent; to stop talking
  • C. To take offense; to get worked up, aggravated, or annoyed
  • D. To chat idly or generally waste time talking

Correct Answer:

To chat idly or generally waste time talking

2 .  “Drop a dime” means ________?

  • A. To be an informant
  • B. Almost free. Very cheap
  • C. To stop something at an early stage
  • D. To leave

Correct Answer:

To be an informant

3 .  To catch a tartar means

  • A. To deal with a person
  • B. To meet with disaster
  • C. To deal with a person who is more than one’s match
  • D. To catch a dangerous person

Correct Answer:

To deal with a person who is more than one’s match

4 .  “Give cold shoulder” means__________?

  • A. To support
  • B. Cold meat
  • C. To ignore
  • D. Shiver

Correct Answer:

To ignore

5 .  Total number of Judges in Supreme Court

  • A. 15
  • B. 16
  • C. 17
  • D. 19

Correct Answer:


6 .  What is name of 23rd Para of Holy Quran?

  • A. Wa Mali
  • B. Faman Azlam
  • C. Elahe Yuruddo
  • D. Ha’a Meem

Correct Answer:

Wa Mali

7 .  Where does jannah (Heaven) lies?

  • A. Under Father’s feet
  • B. Under Mother’s feet
  • C. Under Teacher’s feet
  • D. None

Correct Answer:

Under Mother’s feet

8 .  Who was the Youngest daughter of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)?

  • A. Hazrat bibi Umm Kulthum (R.A)
  • B. Hazrat bibi Zainab (R.A)
  • C. Hazrat bibi Fatima (R.A)
  • D. Hazrat bibi Ruqayyah (R.A)

Correct Answer:

Hazrat bibi Fatima (R.A)

9 .  Takbeer-e-Tashreeq is recited in_________?

  • A. Juma Prayer
  • B. Eid-ul-Uzha
  • C. Eid-ul-fitr
  • D. Janaza

Correct Answer:


10 .  Which caliph formed a parliament namely Majlis e Aam?

  • A. Hazrat Abu Bakar
  • B. Hazrat Umar
  • C. Hazrat Usman
  • D. Hazrat Ali

Correct Answer:

Hazrat Umar